LOW & high water pressure

The typical water pressure at the inlet valve in the United States home should be about 44 to 80psi. However, many homes might be experiencing a low how water pressure. The reasons can range from living in a neighborhood where the throughput is inherently low, an appliance that is damaged, to a leak in the water supply line to the home. 

Alberto's Plumbing can help you identify the exact area that is preventing water flow - to remediate this we provide the following water pressure solutions:

  • Check that water pressure is correct - whether you have a pressure regulator installed we will do this for you to diagnose the proper cause. Example of low and high water pressure readings:

  • Regulator check and replacement - this will prevent flooding inside the house due to a high water pressure situation - low water pressure although considered an inconvenience for home users can be a sign of something building over time.

  • Water heater pressure drop - If you've never had complaints of anyone in your family running out of hot water, but suddenly you are, then is possible there is something wrong with the water heater that is not letting it maintain the level of heat it requires for your home. Let us inspect your water heater and ensure is in optimal working condition. No pressure on hot water can be an indication of a more serious problem in your home, we will diagnose and correct the issue.

  • Leaks - There is never an instance where you want to see water pooling around the base of the water heater. The only place water should drip from the tank is the pressure relief valve. If water drips in any other area, you have a serious problem that needs fixing. We will diagnose and provide a solution to the water leak.

  • Discolored Water - Check first to see if the brown or rusty colored water is coming from just the hot water taps, or the cold lines too. If the latter, then you have a problem with pipe corrosion. But if only the hot water taps are affected, then your water heater definitely needs a look-over.

  • Corrosion  - Your tank water heater is equipped with a component called the anode rod that absorbs corrosion. If this rod wears out and is not replaced, then corrosion can begin to eat away at your water heater. If this occurs, you’ll more than likely need to replace the system. We are specialists in water heater replacements and installs.

  • Sounds from the tank  - This can mean there’s been an increase in water pressure within your tank water heater, or sediment has formed along the bottom of the tank. It might even mean that you have a broken expansion tank, or cold and hot water mixing at the top due to a broken dip tube.

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